The friendly future of robotics - is furry.

We specialize in developing hardware and software for humanoid robots, specifically our flagship model – The ANTHRO. This real-life furry anthropomorphic robot can be customized to suit your any of your requirements and preferences. We are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, while making cutting-edge robotics technology accessible.

We bring Fantasy and Fun to life

Many existing robots in development or on the market right now look alike. So we prioritized making The ANTHRO stand out with its diverse designs and fun features. Our ultimate goal is to close the gap between robotic and synthetic life by creating a host for AI that looks, feels and lives like an anthropomorphic character straight from your imagination.
Project '87: The Real FNAF Animatronics

Project '87: The Real FNAF Animatronics

Come and see where our journey began, and the project that we continue to this day.

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Whether you need a companion, an industrial assistant or anything in-between, The ANTHRO is there for YOU.

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